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Community of Faith youth in 6th grade and above may participate in Generation Change, Dave Ramsey's program for teens. We are so proud of our young people who have already completed this program and encourage all teens to learn how to handle money God’s way! 

Generation Change is prepared to help you make a difference. Taught on video by personal money-management expert Dave Ramsey, Generation Change is a four-part Bible study that will teach your students about money from a biblical perspective.

Ramsey’s down-to-earth, casual teaching style connects with teenagers. Having raised three teens himself, he understands the importance of communicating these financial principles to teens before they are out on their own. Students already have enough distractions once they enter college; money shouldn’t be one. Generation Change is here to help.

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GC ValueThe Value of You

In this lesson, students will recognize the value they have in God’s eyes. They will understand that God, not stuff, defines them. To illustrate, Dave discusses his experiences with building wealth, going broke, and how God sustained him during those difficult times.


GC MaterialismMaterialism Mayhem

Debt is hazardous. Predatory credit card companies are fighting for business and building brand loyalty, bombarding students with credit card offers as soon as the university doors open. In this session, Dave uncovers and explains the dangers of credit. He discusses how teens can protect themselves while changing their family tree forever!


GC MoneyMoney Minds

In this lesson, students will gain the tools to make wise purchases, learn how to manage money using a simple envelope system, and understand the importance of saving. Whether they are rolling in riches or scraping for pennies, this session will help them see the power of cash. They will understand the practical results of saving—and how quickly money adds up when you develop a plan. Also, Dave offers five helpful tips for making big purchases.


GC GiftsThe Gift of Giving

We are only managers of the riches our gracious God gives us. Financial blessing comes with an opportunity—and a responsibility—to bless others. Being a good manager of God’s money involves knowing how to share it. Dave teaches the biblical truth that giving is a spiritual act of worship. Students will understand how giving is vital to their financial and spiritual well-being.