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Staff & Volunteers


New to the Stepping Stones Children's program.  Please allow for extra time to sign your children in this weekend.  You will be required to fill out a new registration form for your child(ren) participating in any Stepping Stone program, including nursery.


As our children begin a new school year they will advance in our Stepping Stones ministry to the next level. For us to maintain our records, we have an annual registration drive during the month of September. Please remember to register your child for our programs at the beginning of the school year.  Registration forms are at the sign in table, and new families are asked to take a few minutes to fill them out before leaving children in the programs.  

Promotion to Youth Group (5th graders only)

All 5th grade children are welcome to continue in Children's Church during the summer before they enter 6th grade. All 5th graders will enter youth group at the beginning of the new school year. We know that some children may "skip" a grade, however, children cannot move into the youth group until:

  • They have turned 11 years old
  • They are in the 6th grade

Upon entry into the youth group all new 6th graders may attend the Confirmation class. Upon completion of the course 6th graders will be eligible to join Community of Faith UMC by filling out the member covenant. For more information on Confirmation class, please visit the Youth page.