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Staff & Volunteers


We partner with our Learnig Center to provide the Preschool age children with the environement they need to begin laying the foundation for their journey of faith. Our program is for all children that are potty trained and 3 or 4 years old. Your child will check-in with one of our staff or volunteers and receive an ID wrist band. You will receive a corresponding tag with ID code that you will need in order to pick up your child. For the safety of all our children, only parents and relatives over the age of 18 will be allowed to sign out children after services. 

Spiritual Growth - Live By Faith

We currently use a Workshop Rotation curriculum from Potters Publishing . This fun and energitic program get the kids out of their seats to go on adventures exploring the typical preschooler's world. Their adventures help them find out more about the lesson's Biblical objective for the day.

For more information on this curriculum program, visit Potters Publishing website. 

Church Community - Known By Love

As part of our preschool program we have family events throughout the year. These might include family movie nights, Spring Fling, summer park and movie days, Vacation Bible School and more. We feel that getting families together for fun, outside the weekly worship program, helps us build both our Church and Four Corners community. For more information on our events, please visit our Children's ministry calendar or events page. 

Helping Others - Voice of Hope

Our preschool kids will be working with the elementary program each quarter on a service style project just for kids. We want to intorduce even our youngest child to an opportunity about helping others and being a Voice of Hope in this world. For ways you and your child can participate please contact the Director of Family & Children's Ministries at