getting connected

How can I get connected to Community of Faith?

We believe faith is a journey not a destination.  Which means all of us are at different places on that journey.  The key is we all have the next step to take.  Here are some suggestions for the step you need to take to get connected to COF:

1.     Attend a worship gathering.

2.     Take a moment to say hello: after each worship gathering, our Pastor or Worship Leader will be under the screen to the right and would love to meet you.  This is a great way to begin the journey.

3.     First Steps:  every second weekend of the month we have “First Steps.”  This is a 20-minute "get to know us" that answers the basics about COF. We’ll get to know you and you will get to know us.

4.     Start serving, this is a great way to get connected! Find a class or event you are interested in and join.

5.     Membership Class, these classes are offered once a quarter.  This is where you learn all there is to know about COF and can choose to join this motley crew.

To contact someone about getting connected, click here