Where have you seen God moving at Community of Faith?

Dear Church Family,
When I was growing up, my pastor would often ask those in the church he led this question: “Where have you seen God moving at Christ Church?” I’ve always loved that question. I know, I know. Local churches get a lot of things wrong. (History shows that.) But by God’s grace, we also get a lot of things right, and for the past two thousand years, God has moved in local churches and used them as a force of good in the world. So, with that said, where have you seen God moving at Community of Faith? I’ve seen God moving in a variety of ways.
  • I’ve seen God moving in th74 KIDS we have registered this week for online Vacation Bible School. (Thanks, Kathy Beuttenmuller!)
  • I’ve seen God moving in congregants who, knowing that others wouldn’t be able to give as much money as they had planned for the year (because of being furloughed or laid off from work), INCREASED their giving to the church to make up the difference.
  • I’ve seen God moving in the countless folks who have called or emailed me to ask how to donate to our needy fund. (By the way the answer is to make a donation out to Community of Faith and then to earmark it for “Voice of Hope.”)
  • I’ve seen God moving in people who just a few months ago had never heard of Community of Faith, much less worshiped with us. However, they’ve stumbled upon our church’s online ministry and have been blessed by it.
  • I’ve seen God moving in those of you who have admitted that while you miss being in the building, you understand why our building is closed. What’s more, you are committed to doing whatever it takes to keep our community safe.
  • I’ve seen God moving in our Youth Director, David Stump, who just this last week visited the homes of our students and planted signs in their yards saying that the church misses them.
  • I’ve seen God moving in our staff and volunteers who have found new and creative ways to be the church in this weird season.
  • I’ve seen God moving in our Learning Center staff who have worked so hard to keep our Learning Center students and their families safe.
Yes, I’ve seen God moving in countless ways, only a few of which are mentioned above.
In Philippians 1:3, the apostle Paul writes, “Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God” (NLT). I give thanks to God for all of you and for the ways in which God continues to use you to minister to this world. You inspire me, and I’m grateful to be your pastor. My question remains, where have you seen God moving at Community of Faith?
p.s. Join us for online worship this weekend as we continue in our new series that we’re calling “The Short of It: The Entire Story of the Bible from Creation to New Creation.” This weekend we’ll be talking about the fall of humanity from the sin of Adam and Eve. Join us on Saturday night (6:30PM) or Sunday morning (8:30AM, 10:30AM) as we unpack this story together.