Sabbath Rest for Pastors & Church Leaders

Dear Church Family,

You’re receiving this email on Friday. However, it’s Saturday (6 days earlier) as I write it. Amanda and I are getting ready to spend some time together over the next week. Her mom is gracious enough to watch the twins (and dogs) for us while we do this.

While I’ll miss “seeing” you in this weekend’s services, you’re in for a real treat because you’re going to be led in worship by various members of the Florida Conference Cabinet. (For those may not be aware, the Cabinet refers to the team of people who work closely with our Bishop, who oversees our Annual Conference.) You may recall that the Cabinet led us in worship a few months back, so we’re grateful to be able to experience the gifts of these folks again. The person who is going to be delivering the message is Pastor June Edwards who mentored me while I was in college. June is a gifted preacher and teacher, and I know you’ll enjoy her message.

Some of you may be wondering about our Ruth series. No worries – we’ll come back to the series next weekend (September 26/27) with a look at Ruth Chapter 3. In the meantime, continue to read Ruth.

Thank you for allowing me this Sabbath rest. As always, I am thankful to be your pastor.

Have a great weekend!