Jesus brings us home to God

Dear Church Family,
In 1986, five-year-old Saroo Munshi Khan and his 14-year-old brother were roaming the streets of their home city of Berhampur, India. Searching for spare change, they eventually went to a train station. Saroo’s older brother Guddu wandered beyond the station. Meanwhile Saroo fell asleep in one of the cars while waiting for his brother to return. A few hours later, Saroo woke up more than 900 miles away in Calcutta, with no way of knowing how to return to home. He survived on the streets for weeks, was taken into an orphanage, and was adopted by an Australian family and grew up in Hobart, Tasmania. More than two and a half decades later, Saroo found his way back to his hometown with the help of Google Earth.
An article explains Saroo’s journey back home:
In 2011, using vague memories and Google Earth imagery, Saroo identified his home town. Using the ruler feature in Google Earth, he mapped out a search radius by making an educated guess about how far he traveled by train. After countless hours of scouring this area of Google Earth imagery, he came upon a proverbial needle in a haystack. Saroo spotted one vague landmark that led him to the next, helping him unlock a five-year-old child’s memories. He eventually spotted a neighborhood, street, and tin roof that looked familiar.
In 2012, Saroo embarked on a trip from Australia back to India. Once he arrived, he shared his story with local residents, who in turn helped him find his way back to his mother and surviving brother and sister. Twenty-six years later, Saroo finally found his way home.
That’s a pretty cool story, isn’t it? I can only imagine the joy that was present in Saroo’s family, particularly his mother, when they finally received him. This long-lost son and brother had at last come home.
This weekend in worship will be a coming home of sorts. The reason is we now – in our 6-part series looking at the major movements of Scripture – turn our attention to Jesus, who came to bring all of us – each and every one of us – home with God. There is not a person for whom Jesus did not come.
Be sure to join us for online worship either on Saturday night (6:30PM) or Sunday morning (8:30AM, 10:30AM). My hunch is you’ll be glad you did.
p.s. In addition to bringing us home with God, Jesus came to bring us home with each other. I know how meaningful relationships are to us. I also know those relationships have been affected by this hard (but very necessary) time of physical distancing. This weekend in worship you’ll hear about a new opportunity we have as a church family to connect and actually share conversations. You can read some of the info in the email below, but I’ll also explain more during the announcements.