Grateful for Julia and the rest of the Worship Team and COF Staff

Dear Church Family,
The other night, Julia Nicholas, our Director of Worship Arts, led us in a time of live worship music on our Facebook page. If you missed it, I encourage you to check out the video here:Click. I continue to be grateful for all our Community of Faith staff who have stepped up to the plate in this weird, challenging, and interesting season and found new and creative ways for us to engage with God and each other. And I know you are grateful, too!
This weekend we continue in our preaching series called “The Short of It: The Entire Story of the Bible from Creation to New Creation.” In the first two messages, we focused on Genesis 1-3, the opening three chapters of the Bible, in which we read about the creation of the universe – which God originally made good – and then the fall of humanity from the sin of Adam and Eve. Well, the message this weekend is going to cover a bit more content. We’re going to look at the story of Israel, which spans most of the Old Testament from Genesis 12 to Malachi 4. That’s 918 chapters by the way! Don’t worry. I won’t preach from all 918 chapters. (You can breathe a big sigh of relief!) We’re just going to look for the “big picture” of Israel’s story, which (as we’ll see in the message) mirrors our story. As always, we invite you to worship with us on Saturday night (6:30PM) or Sunday morning (8:30AM, 10:30AM). You can join us on our website ( or on our Facebook page (
Even as we deal with all our current challenges, I pray that you are still finding ways this summer to rest, relax, and spend time with God. As we say at Community of Faith, God loves you – PERIOD. May you bask in that love today as you embrace your true identity as God’s beloved child.