Where have you seen God moving at Community of Faith?

Dear Motley Crew,
Every month, we begin our Administrative Council (church board) meeting by asking the question, 
“Where have you seen God moving at Community of Faith?” 
This question is important as it reminds us that even as we look to the future, God is still working in our church in the present. We might have our challenges and growing edges, but that doesn’t stop God from using our congregation to bless others.
We heard a number of great responses to this question during a recent meeting we had a few days ago. One person celebrated how many sign-ups we’ve already had for Vacation Bible School. A second person commented on the number of hungry people we’ve fed in the last month. A third person acknowledged the recent baccalaureate service we hosted for Four Corners Upper School.  
Of course, I can never resist sharing during this time because my role gives me a front-row seat into how God is using our church to touch others. That said, I shared an email I received last week from a couple who visited our congregation in January. Since visiting our church, this couple has been receiving email updates from us, including the Midweek Reflections, which we send out every Tuesday or Wednesday. This couple has been forwarding the Midweek Reflections to their son who’s incarcerated.
Check out what they said. (By the way, I’ve edited parts of this email for privacy’s sake.)
Dear Chris,
I have been receiving the Midweek Reflections and have forwarded many of them to my son, and he’s shared them with the inmates around him. Your church is blessed to have such an excellent team of writers and I would like them to know they are blessing some inmates with their words of encouragement in response to your words of encouragement. The guys appreciate and hunger for God’s word…Thank you again for your ministry. I hold you in my prayers.
This person is absolutely right–we are blessed to have a team of such talented writers whose gifts are extending beyond the confines of our community. As this person shared, God is using the words of our Midweek Reflection writers to bless others. To me, that’s a sign of God’s movement in our church!
So, I’ll ask you, 

where have you seen God moving at Community of Faith?

p.s. I realize it’s a holiday weekend, but don’t let that stop you from coming to worship this Saturday or Sunday. We’ll be continuing in our series called Including the Excluded where we are focusing on Jesus’ ministry in the gospel of Luke. This weekend, we’ll be looking at Jesus’ restoration of a demon-possessed man in Luke 8:26-39. During services, we’ll be also announcing some new banner team leaders as well as hearing a testimony from one of our youth. All in all, it’s going to be a great weekend, so don’t miss out!