The Last Days of Summer

Dear Church Family,

As I write this email, I am spending the day resting after all the activity of last week. Between Vacation Bible School, finishing up my midweek Bible study, the Craft Fair, our special Vacation Bible School service, and then going on a trip to the beach with the youth group, I’m wiped! This summer has been busy, and it’s hard to believe that summer’s almost over!

Of course, the end of summer also means the beginning of a new school-year. In our area, the first official day of school is August 13th. In preparation for the new school-year, we’re inviting all students, parents, teachers, administrators, and anyone else involved in the school system to join us at our contemporary services on August 11th or 12th for a special Back to School Blessing. Students are encouraged to bring their backpacks to this blessing as we pray for the success of the new school-year. 

In addition, given that school is just around the corner, we need your help with something else. We need donations of bottles of water by the end of next weekend. Justin Moore and I plan to pass out these bottles of water to our Learning Center families on August 13th as the parents drop their kids off at school. This simple gesture is a way for us to connect with these families, letting them know about the ministry of our church. Actually I had a family approach me after one of our services a few weeks ago. The father commented that he and his family started attending our church after they had received a bottle of water on the first day of school 2 years ago. He said,”We had just moved back to the area and I told my wife we should check out the church. We’ve been here ever since.” This man’s story reminded me that the simplest gesture can go a long way. So, thank you, in advance, for your donations of water bottles. Justin and I will definitely use them on August 13th. (And, if we have some leftover, possibly another day!) 

If you’d like to learn what else is happening in the life of Community of Faith, I invite you to check out the rest of this email. Have a great weekend!