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Serving Others through Voice of Hope

The Voice of Hope ministry at COF is a movement of helping others in the community, nation, and world.

Being a voice of hope in this world requires much more action than it does talk. In order to bring the hope in the kingdom of God to the wider world, we must devote a portion of our energy and resources to alleviating the suffering of those oppressed, poor, disenfranchised, and lost members of the human family-all of whom are God's chosen people. We can ignite a glimmer of hope to the world by representing the love, compassion, and grace that Jesus offered.

We are called to be a Voice of Hope to the World.

Community of Faith has streamlined our ministry focus in order to make a significant impact in each of the areas we serve. We have divided our focuses by regions. Jerusalem is our local community outreach focus, which includes HOME and Project 5000.  Judea is our regional serving opportunity: the Coalition for the Homeless in Orlando. Samaria represents our cross-cultural ministry, which is the East Coast Migrant Center in Dundee, Florida. For Community of Faith, the Ends of the Earth encompasses disaster recovery trips in the Southeast United States, as well as international mission trips. For More information or volunteer opportunities please email voiceofhope@communityoffaith.org.

The Well Project
The Water Project

The the generosity of our congration Community of Faith funds a hand pumped well in Rwanda through The Well Project.  The well is located at Karambi Secondary School in Southern, Ruhango, Kabagali, Rwanda. 

For more information about www.thewaterproject.org for more information. 


Project 5000

Project 5000 is COF’s emergancy food assistance program. Volunteers are needed to compile a box of specific shelf-stable foods designed to feed a family of four for two days. These boxes are donated to families in need who come to COF for food assistance, as well as to the Migrant Center workers. You can help by picking up a list of Project 5000 Box foods from the table in the hallway, and compiling a box for donation. In addition, you can ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers to compile a box, then bring it to COF for distribution. 


Coalition For the Homeless

WRCC: Women’s Residential and Counseling Center; a branch of the Coalition for the Homeless

Purchase, cook, and serve dinner on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Each month a different family, group of friends,  or co-workers signs up to purchase, cook, and serve dinner for approximately 80 homeless women and children at the WRCC in Orlando.  The group usually leaves the Four Corners area around 3:30 or 4. Dinner is served at the WRCC at 6:00, and the group is usually back by 7:30 or 8:00 pm.  Cost of meal varies depending on the menu you plan.  This is a great place to serve if you have families with younger children.  Contact your team if you are interested in sponsoring a month at the WRCC.  107 East Hillcrest Orlando, Florida


Coalition for the Homeless:

Serving Dinner:  COF sends a group to the Coalition for the Homeless to cook and serve dinner to approximately 500 homeless men. We do this each month that has a 5th Friday. We leave COF at 3:30 and return around 9:00. While there you will chop, dice, make cakes, wash dishes, serve food, and fellowship with the homeless.  If you are unable to attend but would still like to help, a list of standard supplies for these meals are on the signup table in the hallway.

Clothing and Shoe Donations: COF travels to the Coalition for the Homeless every other Thursday to bring clothing and shoes to homeless men.  Volunteers are needed to help with the clothing delivery. We leave COF at 5:30 pm and return around 9:00pm.  While there you may take clothing requests from men, hand out bagged orders, or help locate numbered bags.

Voice of Hope Clothing Closet: Volunteers are needed to check through a list and put together bags of clothing and shoes for homeless men. Volunteers also needed to fold and shelve donated clothes and place size labels on pants and shoes. This is an ongoing project, and can be worked on at your convenience at any time the church is open.  Even a few minutes a week is appreciated. Please contact your Voice of Hope team for a brief training.

Coalition for the Homeless 639 West Central, Orlando, Florida  http://www.centralfloridahomeless.org.


East Coast Migrant Center

The Migrant East Coast Center provides a Head Start program for the children (0-5 years old) of migrant farm workers. Without this place of learning and care, most of these young children from migrant families would spend their days idle in the fields while their parents worked. We donate food and facilitate special events for the center. The Migrant Center also invites volunteers to show the children love by playing and stimulating the minds of the older children and holding the younger ones (children are at the facility between 6am-6pm on weekdays).


Disaster Recovery:

COF sends a team of volunteers to help repair homes in areas hit by natural disaster. The trips are typically 7 days long, and are planned quarterly.  Cost of the trip includes transportation, food and bunkhouse-style lodging. Activities on the trip vary but may include demolition, clearing of debris, yard work and light construction. No experience, no skills are necessary.  A volunteer cook is also needed to accompany each group to prepare meals for the team.  Watch your bulletin for information on upcoming trips.