Including the Excluded

Dear Church Family,

I’m grateful for the time away I had last week, but I’m excited to be back in worship with you this weekend.
We’re kicking-off a new series of sermons called Including the Excluded.
 The series is going to focus on Jesus’ ministry in Luke, where more than in any other gospel special attention is paid to outsiders. I imagine we’ve all had times in our lives when we felt like an outsider. The beautiful thing about Jesus is that he made space for outsiders and gave them a place to belong. 
My sermon this weekend is going to examine the events surrounding Jesus’ birth where God used several kinds of outsiders to welcome his Son into the world. So join us for what’s sure to be an inspiring time of worship.
I’d also encourage you to take home the Sermon Notes section of the bulletin when you leave worship.
 The purpose of the Sermon Notes is to encourage you to reflect on what we talk about in service and to engage Scripture throughout the week. My hope is that the sermon becomes a launching point for further study, which can only happen when we read the Bible for ourselves. On this note, I’m incredibly grateful for our Midweek Reflection writers who do a great job helping us engage what we discuss in service on a deeper level.  
The last thing I want to share with you is that our Vision Committee met earlier this week to help us chart a path to lead Community of Faith forward into God’s preferred future.
 I’m excited for the work of this group and I can’t wait to share with you what we’ve discussed in our meetings.   
Have a great Friday, and I look forward to being with you this weekend!