COF – Grounded in Faith

Dear Church Family,

We’re now halfway through our message series called “All of Who We Are.” In this series, we’re looking at what it means to give Jesus not some of who we are, but all of who we are, including our time, treasure, talent and trust.

If you haven’t picked up a stewardship packet, make sure you get one when you come to worship this weekend. The packet contains celebratory and relevant information that ties directly with the series. Ultimately, we don’t follow Jesus apart from the community of believers Jesus has put together called the church. Therefore, our commitment to our local church in many ways will reflect the depth of our commitment to Jesus. My prayer is that all of us will commit ourselves to Jesus through Community of Faith so that God can continue to use this church to fulfill his purposes in the world.
As I shared in my message last weekend, my position as pastor gives me a front-row seat into how God is using this church to transform people. Indeed, just this last week three different couples came to me to tell me how much Community of Faith has meant to their families. One couple said to me, “I feel like our marriage is getting stronger by the day, and we’re beginning to raise our kids as people grounded in faith.” So, thank you to all of you for your support of Community of Faith. When you entrust the Lord Jesus with all of who you are through this Motley Crew, it truly makes a difference.

I look forward to being in worship with you this weekend as we explore these concepts further. Our focus will be on giving Jesus our talent. 

See you then.



p.s. Please be in prayer for the people of Thousand Oaks, California in the wake of yet another mass shooting. Our hearts break, and we ask God to send his love and grace upon the friends and families of the victims.