Message from Pastor Tony Rosenberger


Dear Friends,

Here at COF we believe that our spiritual journey is a process.  Part of the process is seeking to honor God in every area of our lives.  Jesus actually speaks more about finances than any other subject, so this is an important topic.  What we have found is that people need to be taught how to do this.

Too often churches talk about tithing yet people are so underwater when it comes to their finances that all this does is product more guilt and anxiety.  When 7 of every 10 American households are living paycheck to paycheck it's hard to find margin for God.  We are attacked daily with images selling the illusion that "things" will make us happy.  But what does the bible say?  COF wants to teach you how to follow God's plan and why!

Financial Peace University is the tool that we use to help people find freedom in the area of their personal finances.  We are excited to offer this twice a year.  Personally, I have taken this course and it has made a huge difference in how I view my finances.  We hope you will join us on the journey to freedom!

God Bless you!

Tony Rosenberger