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Our School

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We will provide a safe healthy learning environment where the children will grow through experiences and faith.

  • To view each child as a gift from God and celebrate individual interests, abilities and diversity.
  • To encourage children’s social skills like cooperation, sharing, caring and communicating.
  • To build on a child’s feelings of self-worth.
  • To offer curriculum and classroom atmospheres which spark each child’s interests and curiosity about learning.
  • For children to interact with nature by using all of their senses.
  • To encourage a love of books and storytelling.
  • To establish close ties between families and COFLC and provide many opportunities for active parent involvement. Provide parenting information and community resources for our COFLC family.  Low child/staff ratios and small group sizes.  We have an open door policy at Community of Faith Learning Center. Feel free to drop in and join us ANYTIME.  Parents and grandparents are always a fun addition to lunchtime, too!

Preschoolers learn through simple conversations about God, the world He made, and how to treat each other. A child’s development is viewed as a process, not a product. Spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social development is equally important.