Who We Are - First Visit


Thinking of attending a worship gathering?

We know it can be a little unnerving to step into a new thing, especially when you’re not exactly sure about the details that matter to you.  We all were new, at one time, and we remember what it's like. So we've provided the information below, knowing that it's easier to venture into a new place when you know what to expect.

What are my worship options?

6:30pm* - worship with a house band in an informal, high energy atmosphere.

 - celebrating and praising God with traditional hymns in an acoustic setting

10:30am** - worship with a house band in an informal, high energy atmosphere

*Nursery available
Childrens program available for nursery through 5th grade

Christmas Eve Services, December 24
6:00pm - Family Service
8:00pm - Candlelight Worship Service
9:30pm - Candlelight Worship Service
11:00pm - Traditional Candlelight Service

Ministerio Hispano de la Comunidad de Fe

Queremos invitar a todas las familias hispanas para que nos acompañen adorar en nuestro idioma en un ambiente familiar y relajado.  Servicio los Domingo  - 11:30 am, Salón 110

Address and Directions
9120 Teacher Lane
Davenport, FL 34746
Phone: 407-809-2030
Fax: 407-809-2037

What should I expect when I first arrive?

When you get to COF you will be met by our name taggers, everybody gets a stick on nametag.   It helps us remember your name and helps you remember ours.  There will be some folks there who can help answer any questions you have and give you directions as to where to go next. There will be some good coffee and drink for you to enjoy, bring them with you into the worship gathering.

What happens in the worship gathering?

There will be some singing.  You can join with us, or simple enjoy the music. You’ll find relevant and inspiring messages. At times you’ll laugh, you may cry, you’ll be challenged and we promise you won’t be bored! We celebrate Communion each week, and you are welcome to join with us in this celebration. The worship gatherings generally last about 70 minutes.

What about my kids?

If you would feel more comfortable with your children in the gathering then that is fine with us, but they will love the program that is designed specifically for them in Children’s Church.  At the Sunday 10:30am gatherings we have a nursery for infants through toddlers and Stepping Stones, our children’s ministry, for kids 3-5th grade.   All of our paid and volunteer staff have been through a background screening so you can know your children are safe.  You will be given a personal identification code for your child you will need to present to pick them up.   We want to make sure the ones you came with are the ones you leave with as well. 

What if I’m not used to going to church?

You are the reason we started Community of Faith. Community of Faith wants to be a comfortable place for those who are curious about God but have never felt comfortable in church. We want Community of Faith to be a place where you can begin your journey of faith.  A place where you can wrestle with who God is and what He wants for you. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out yet; we are still working on it as well.

What should I wear?

At Community of Faith, you’re welcome to wear whatever you’d like. There is no set dress code, although the attire is more on the casual side. Regularly seen in worship:  jeans, shorts, flip-flops, sports jerseys, nice slacks and more….as long as you are clothed you are fine with us!

Do I have to give?

If you want to you are more than welcome, but please as our guest, please do not feel obligated to give anything financially. 

Can I invite my friends?

Absolutely!  Bring them with you, the more the merrier!

Anything else I need to know?

Yes, if it is your first time visiting with us please stop by and see the pastor after the gathering is over.  He will want to meet you and has a gift to thank you for attending.


If all this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, check us out this weekend and experience Community of Faith for yourself. When you do, we believe you’ll find yourself using “FUN” and "CHURCH" in the same sentence. Whether you’re hurting, doubting, seeking or celebrating, there is a place for you at Community of Faith!


Still Not Sure About Visiting?

We’d be happy to answer those questions that you still have. Please call us at the church at 407-809-2030 or contact us online